ARP and browsing

ARP and browsing

Post by Piete » Fri, 03 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I was wondering:
can ARP handle browsing traffic?
(I think ARP should handle both TCP and UDP, but I'm not sure)

I use ARP to route all packets for a pppclient to my ppp0 device,
the pppclient can't browse the Samba network (Samba is the WINS, known to
the client)

gives me a list of shares on the samba  box, but the servers don't appear in
the browselist of the client.

Could ARP be the cause?

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink


1. ARP Cache


I have a 2 clients which are on a remote subnet.
I would like to pre-load  the SBS 4.5 Server IP Address and the Domain
name into the ARP cache.
I have enter the following in the LMHOSTS file on the clients <Server name> #PRE #DOM:<Domain Name>

However whenever I look at the arp cache ( "arp -a") it says the cache
is empty?  

What am I doing wrong?

Any ideas?


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