Samba 3.0 Beta 1 To Replace Windows NT 4 SP6a BDC -> I have some problems ... HELP ...

Samba 3.0 Beta 1 To Replace Windows NT 4 SP6a BDC -> I have some problems ... HELP ...

Post by Denis Tamagn » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 18:08:48

I 'm administrator and I have a domain with 1400 PC under Wnt and W2K,
6 sites with 1 BDC on each with NT4 SP6a,a PDC with NT4 SP6a
I try to replace NT Domain by Samba 3.0.

At this point, I have a real problem : On 1 site, with 170PC
(connected  with 44Mbps) I have replaced the NT BDC by Linux Samba BDC
: I make sometimes ./net RPC vampire to synchronise with the "real NT
It works fine during 2 weeks and yesterday, all the machines in this
site refuse to connect to domain.

Now I have stopped Samba and restarted the NT BDC.

It's the same for all the 170 PCs
The only way is to push PCs outside the domain and remounted it onto
the domain.
Moreover I have on the PDC in Event log this message :
The session setup from the computer NOMPC failed to authenticate. The
name of the account referenced in the security database is NOMPC$.
The following error occurred:
Access is denied.  

All the SID accounts of the 170 computers on the domain seems to be

Has nobody an Idea ???


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Connecting to the Samba Server with net use z: \\samba\share works and
searching the computer with the serach option without problems.

But browsing with "Network Neighborhood" would not work anyway when
accessing an error dialog is displayed.

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ASCII characters in filenames are displayed correctly and files are

Hope anyone can Help !



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