Very high CPU usage by smbd after OS/2 clients logs out

Very high CPU usage by smbd after OS/2 clients logs out

Post by Gyorgy Vizkelet » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

I am using samba-1.9.16alpha1 happily on a HP9000/720 under
HP-UX 9.05 with
several WfW, Windows95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Warp Connect
clients. Even the domain logon works fine. It is much better
than PC-NFS that we used before. I have only one problem:

When an OS/2 client logs out, the smbd process that was
serving it goes wild and its CPU usage goes up on the HP. It
keeps running hogging all CPU time   till I kill it. When I
look at the process with ps it show very low priority, but
the "Processor utilization for scheduling" which is usually
0 or one, becomes negative. The OS/2 client does not
complain about anything.

That does not happen with the WfW, Windows95, or Windows NT
clients. smbd is started by inetd. The server is also used
for domain logon.

Is it a specific problem with HP-UX? Has anybody seen this?
Is there any cure for that?

Any help would be appreciated.

Gy* Vizkelethy


1. SLOW SBS....High CPU Usage and Memory Usage


We have an SBS2000 Box that has been going for around 2
years and we have around 25- 30 Windows 2000 Pro users.

We have a problem!  Please can someone help:

1) I have noticed that the SBS takes a long time to paint
the screen when the machine goes into Screen Saver mode.  
Before it only took around a second after wiggling the
mouse, now is takes 5-7 seconds

2) A lot of users have complained about Exchange running
slow, hence their emails take a long time to load.

3) Web throughput is slow through ISA

4) I looked at TaskManager on the SBS, and it seems that
the CPU Usage idles at around 8-15%, then suddenly jumps
to 100% and sits on 100% for around 2-5seconds before
going back to 8-25% again.  This is odd, as this morning
there were no users on the SBS - and it was still doing

5) The Memory Usage in TaskManager seems to be at a
1136372 constant...which seems high?

6) Here is the summary at the foor of the Performance tab
of Task Manager:

Handles: 28879
Threads:  1189
Processes: 82

Physical Memory (K)
Total: 1310196
Available: 15132
System Cache: 298636

Commit Charge (K)
Total: 1132616
Limit: 1551396
Peak: 1206036

Kernal Memory (K)
Total: 77868
Paged: 48878
Non paged: 28968

Are these values suspicious?

Processes tab
In the processes tab in TaskManager, STORE.EXE is running
at 377978K.  Is this normal?  

WEBPROXY is running at around 78000K

In Event Viewer perflib errors show every 3 seconds, but
this has been going on for about 3 months now.  In fact,
how do I get rid of these PerfLib errors clogging up the
Event Viewer, as there was a way by amending the registry.

Please could you provide answers to the questions raised




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