Printing UNIX --> Wg4W

Printing UNIX --> Wg4W

Post by Harry Carmicha » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

I am running Samba 1.9.12, Solaris 2.3, Wg4W 3.1 and MSTCP 3.11

I can connect to my PC from the sun using:
        smbclient '\\HARRYRCA\PCHP'
But when I try to connect to, or use the printer:
        smbclient '\\HARRYRCA\PCHP -n HARRYC%BAMMI94 -d 5'
        smbclient '\\HARRYRCA\PCHP BAMMI94'
        smbclient '\\HARRYRCA\PCHP'

I get the error (echoed to shell):
        Server time is Wed May 10 08:55:36 1995
        Timezone is UTC-0.0
        first SMBtcon failed, trying again. ERRSRV - ERRbadpw \
          (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect \
           or Session Setup are invalid.)
        SMBtcon failed. ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password \
           pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)
        Perhaps you are using the wrong sharename, username or password?
        Some servers insist that these be in uppercase

This is particularly confusing since I CAN connect to the shared drive.

        neon:[today] smbclient -L HARRYRCA
        Server time is Wed May 10 09:00:14 1995
        Timezone is UTC-0.0

                 Sharename      Type      Comment
                 ---------      ----      -------
                 PCHP           Printer  
                 HRCPC          Disk      
                 WINDOWS        Disk      
                 IPC$           IPC       Remote IPC

        This machine has a browse list:

                Server               Comment
                ---------            -------
                HARRYRCA             Harry R Carmichael

Any help greatly appreciated.


                                _.>/ _  
                               ( ) \( )>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


1. Printing NT w/s > NT srv > Unix > Lexmark

We are suffering from very slow printing. I think that the actual
printing itself is quick, but when Word opens a document or when the
print pop-up is requested it takes 5-10 minutes to appear and then, to
change printer takes a very long time. When the little printer
icon indicates that it is actually printing, the busy light on the
printer starts flashing almost immediately.

We have a number of NT4 workstations looked after by an NT4 PDC and
backup.  Our printers (HP and Lexmark) are driven from 2 Solaris 7
machines, one for HP and one for Lexmark.  The NT backup server looks
after the printers for the PCs and sends the requests to Solaris with
Samba 2.0.7.  The printer drivers are set up on the NT server, rather
than on each PC.  It is my impression that the slowness is when PC apps,
such as Word, ask for information about the printer. The printing on
the Solaris side works fine, including from smbclient.

When things are running slowly I can see lpstat being constatly run on
the Samba server, in response to requests coming over the net from the
NT server.  It is variable, sometimes the response is very fast and
lpstat is not to be seen running on the Samba server.

On the NT server it appears that the Lexmark software has been installed
to drive the printers (Markvision), along with the printer drivers
needed by the PCs.  Among the services running on the server is LexBce
which is closely coupled with the spooler.  (Stopping one, stops the

I get the impression that the Lexmark software is being too clever
and getting in the way on the NT server.

Is the concept of using the NT server to supply the drivers, while
passing on the print request via Samba, ok? One down side is that
the print request is handled as administrator on the NT server,
which is then executed as the guest account on Solaris.

Thank you for any help or advice

Geoff Gibbs
UK-Human Genome Mapping Project-Resource Centre,
Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SB, UK

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