Mandrake 9.1 Machine trust account How to:

Mandrake 9.1 Machine trust account How to:

Post by Shaun Marol » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:31:51

I use Mandrake 9.1 and ran into a problem I didn't expect. I couldn't
create a machine trust account using the command:

useradd -s /bin/false -d /dev/null NAME\$ (or NAME$) using either upper
or lower case.

Upper case was rejected right off the bat and even though I went with
lower case when I used the command:

smbpasswd -a -m NAME I got an error.

I poured through my Samba material and nothing worked. Determined to get
the machine onto my Domain I decided to try the userdrake interface. That
failed immediately. There was simply no vialble method to create a
machine account using that.

Next step was to go into Webmin and see if I could do something there.
After trial and error here's the steps I had to do in order to finally
get a a machine trust account added to my Mandrake 9.1 system.

Access Webmin as root. Go to the Servers tab and click on the Samba Icon.

Click on "Configure automatic Unix and Samba user synchronization"

Check the box "Add a Samba user when Unix user is added"

Click on "Apply" and then go to Webmin's System Menu.

Click on the "Users and Groups" Icon.

Click on "Create a new user" at the bottom of the Local Users list.

In the user name box enter the machine's name (be sure to follow it with
the $) You can use upper case if you want. (I used the name MCS1$ without
a problem in Webmin.)

In the real name box enter a computer description if you choose.

For the shell use /bin/false

For "Home directory" click on the radio button next to the text box and
enter /dev/null

Under "Password" click on the radio button for "Pre-encrypted password"
and in the box put in two (2) exclemation marks (!!)

Go down to the "Group Membership" Section

Under "Primary group" click on the radio button "existing group" then
select the group "users"

Click on the "Create" button.

Open up a terminal interface and type:

smbpasswd -a -m NAME ( do not add the $ here)

You should get the message "Added user NAME$"

You have just added and activated the machine trust account.


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