Can't get Samba's nmbd daemon to act as a domain controller

Can't get Samba's nmbd daemon to act as a domain controller

Post by Ryan Nie » Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:20:32

Quote:>As I can recall, SAMBA can't be the domain controller. So you must
already have
>a domain-controller (a true LANMAN/NT server) in your domain for this to


     So is anyone actually working on this capability?  If not, could
someone point me toward some document or RFC with the specs so I can
implement it myself?  I *need* this capability by June...  (Even if I have
to code it myself)


1. Can't get Samba's nmbd daemon to act as a domain controller.

I fired up a small 2 station network, consisting of one Linux machine and
one DOS machine running LANMAN/DOS 2.2, to try to work out any problems
before I try a large scale installation.

One problem that I did run into is that "nmbd" didn't want to act as a
domain controller, no matter what I tried.  I set the group/domain on both
the Samba server and on the LANMAN side to LANGROUP, and the netbios name
of the server to Xanth.  Yet, when I tried to connect to the server from
the DOS side, it said there were no servers on the network.  Searching
through the log.nmb.* files, I noticed the message "Cannot locate domain
controller for LANGROUP" or something similar.  One of these messages
showed up for each time I tried connecting to the server from the DOS

Here's how I fired up nmbd:    nmbd -R -D -n XANTH
And later tried:             nmbd -D -n XANTH
And eventually:            nmbd -D

Yet, I still couldn't get it to work.  I eventually gave up on the
nameserver side and just used:   net use w: \\\lmtest    
(which worked.  IP address has been changed for security reasons..).

Any ideas how I can get nmbd running as the domain controller, rather than
what appears to be "slave" mode?

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