need help seeing Samba server from Windows 95

need help seeing Samba server from Windows 95

Post by The Shadow Knows. » Wed, 30 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I can see the server just fine from the File Manager on my Windows NT box, but a new
machine with Win 95 installed on it can only see the other pcs in the workgroup, and
not the Samba server which should appear in the same workgroup.  I have TCPIP,
Netbios, Netbeui, and the IPX/SPX compatible transport installed, with TCPIP as the
default protocol.  Does Netbios have to be set as the default protocol in order to
see the Samba server?  Thanks for any help.

Stephen Jackson


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I'm been struggling for a few weeks to be able to print from a Unix
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Is there a program a could buy or a script to make this possible?
I've already try the generic script that is included in Samba which is for a
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Has anyone heard about passthrough printing and how does it work?
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