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Share files

Post by Tommy Fallse » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 16:02:27


I have a problem with catia users, they all can open each other catia
files(they work as a team, anyone can work on any file), but catia never
notifies anyone that the file is already open, so they overwrite each others
In Windows this is'nt a problem since they get notified if a file is already
I assume veto oplock files on those catia files would solve this or disable
share mode. The
problem with users never get notified if a file is already open, does samba
have that function?
Or will get it at some point?


Tommy Fallsen


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I'm running RH7.1 with Samba 2.0.7, and I have a w98 machine with a
fully shared drive. I modify and save a file on the windows box. Then
I view the file on a netscape browser on the windows box, accessed
through the file:// which is an html doc, open on the linux box in

Once I view the html doc, I can no longer make changes to a gif in the
doc on the windows box. This gif is in My Documents on the windows
box. Instead I get a DOS Sharing violation.

Even if I close the browser and every application on both boxes, I
cannot make changes to that file unless I restart SAMBA on the linux

I have write access on the linux box, and as I said full access on the
windows shared drive.

The only thing that looks odd is that root shows up as the owner of
all of the windows files on the linux box. I think that's because I
smbmounted the windows disk as root?

Any advice is appreciated.


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