Win98 AdobePS4.drv & RunDLL32

Win98 AdobePS4.drv & RunDLL32

Post by Rémy CLAVERI » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 21:42:41


I try to install a printer with an automatic downloading driver for my
Windows Clients.
So I followed all the instructions given on the cups Howto.
All is OK except one thing.

When I try to install this printer (HP2300n) under Win98 I have an
Rundll32.dll error (In french, so not rewritten here). this error seems
to be involved by the ADOBEPS4.DRV. This file is the latest version,
downloaded at Adobe.

The XP/NT and 2k clients works perfectly.

The versions are : Samba 2.2.8 , cups 1.1.18 and Win98 OSR2 4.10.22222A

If anyone have an explication

Thanks for your help

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57070 METZ
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ik got some problems with our sbs2000

i got a sbs 2000 with around 10 clients most of them are windows 98 systems
and well they worked ok untilllllllllllllllllll
we got a anti-virus software, because symantec didn't have a sbs2000
selucion yet i installedn on the clients norton antivirus 2000
and then the probelms began when i installed it the windows 98 clients
cannot connect to symantec when they want to use the live-update van
all my win2k clients dont have any problem they work ok

then all the win98 clients that run norton got to lose there connection with
the isas server, zo i installed the isas client again and they could connect
again but it was just for some time because after some time they would lose
the connection to the server.

then on the sbs at the isas i said that the clients had to connect treu a ip
adress and not to the dns name and this is working bether but not a 1000

i already contacted symantec in holland but this is a new problem for them
so until now no support

does anybody know why my win98 clients got that much problems connecting the
isas server???
when they lose the isas connection the still got network because i can ping
the sbs2000 and see the server + shares
but no isas????? very strange


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