Can't backup w/ smbtar (smb 1.9.15p6, Irix 5.3)

Can't backup w/ smbtar (smb 1.9.15p6, Irix 5.3)

Post by Joachim Krumn » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi samba lovers,

I've got big problems to backup a Win95 pc using smbtar. I'm afraid
smbclient is doing something *VERY* strange. When trying to write to
the Irix-Workstation's local DAT-Tape, I get error messages in the
system log like:
May 24 10:25:59 4A:srsir02 unix: WARNING: wd93 SCSI Bus=0 ID=3 LUN=0:
I/O address c03b5577 not correctly aligned, can't DMA

The smbtar command line is:
smbtar -s '\\winpc' -x 'BACKUP_C$' -p mypw -t /dev/tape

Backup to file goes ok; I even played with the blocksize option, but
had no succes.

I've absolutely no idea whats wrong. (Anything else seems to work

Thanks for any pointers in advance

P.S. Please CC: your answer to me directly.
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