long file names with ksmbfs and Win95?

long file names with ksmbfs and Win95?

Post by Ed Men » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00

We've been happily using Samba to allow Win95 and NT machines
to access filesystems from a Linux 1.2.13 system.  We recently
installed ksmbfs 0.2.4 to let us mount Win95/NT shares on the
Linux system.  This is working pretty well, except that we can
only get long-filename support on shares from NT systems; long
names on Win95 shares show up munged.  

I know the ksmbfs README mentions that long filenames are
supported only when the server supports the LANMAN2 protocol.
Since I'm a complete neophyte with regard to Microsoft OS's,
could someone tell me whether it's possible to coerce a Win95
system to use this protocol (and if so, how)?  Or any other
suggestions on how to get long-filename support from a Win95
share through ksmbfs?


Ed Menze
Dynatek Automation Systems


1. Linux ksmbfs-0.2.4 patch for Win95 long filenames.

The following is a small patch to version 0.2.4 of the 'ksmbfs' filesystem
driver for Linux that allows it to properly recognize long filenames on
systems running Microsoft Windows 95.

I came up with this while setting up ksmbfs to allow a Linux box to back up
a number of PCs running Windows 95 as part of a nightly backup.  While
ksmbfs would mount to the PCs without any problem, the files on the PCs
would appear as translated 8.3 character filenames instead of Windows 95
long filenames.  Some further digging revealed that during the SMB protocol
negotiation sequence, Windows 95 would always select the "LANMAN1.0"
protocol out of the list of protocols that ksmbfs would offer to use.
Apparently, Win95 would only send long filenames if the NT LanManager
protocol ("NT LM 0.12") is used, which ksmbfs doesn't directly support.
However, ksmbfs does support the "LANMAN2" protocol, which the NT version
is based upon and also handles long filenames.

So, I made an addition to the table of supported protocols so that ksmbfs
will tell Windows 95 that it supports NT LanManager, but will actually use
LANMAN2 instead.

WARNING:  The following patch has not been thoroughly tested.  The standard
          disclaimers apply.  The version of ksmbfs I set this up for was
          version 0.2.4 compiled as a loadable module for Linix 1.2.13.  It
          seems to work for me, I can't promise it will do likewise for you.

-----Cut Here---------------------------------------------------------------
*** proc.c.orig Fri Jun 16 11:23:38 1995
--- proc.c      Thu Sep  7 16:42:34 1995
*** 1532,1537 ****
--- 1532,1538 ----
  #ifdef LANMAN2
            { PROTOCOL_LANMAN2,"LM1.2X002"},
+           { PROTOCOL_LANMAN2,"NT LM 0.12"},
            {-1, NULL} };
        char dev[] = "A:";


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