Win 98 client can browse -- Win NT 4.0 can't

Win 98 client can browse -- Win NT 4.0 can't

Post by Laszlo G. Szijart » Wed, 24 Apr 2002 04:42:06

I think I've tried every combination of server / client configurations, but
can't find the solution.

2 Samba Servers Samba1 Samba2
2 98 Clients
2 NT Workstation 4.0 Clients

No Domain Servers -- so just a workgroup configuration.

98 Clients can see Samba1 and Samba2 in Network Neighborhood, but the NT
ones cannot.  Does anyone have an idea?  I've scoured the newsgroups
archives as well as O'Reilly's Samba book.  Can't find anything.

I've tried allowing the Samba servers to be Local Master Browsers and then
not being browsers.  Why can Win98 see them in NetHood but not the NT 4.0
Workstations?  I'm stumped, and would be grateful for an assistance you
could offer.

Thank you very much in advance,