Suggestions/Questions about "printer driver"

Suggestions/Questions about "printer driver"

Post by Michael Mehlhor » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Month ago I have made some tests and suggestions about providing clients
with the correct printer
driver. I am happy that there is now a solution integrated in samba

But some suggestions/questions:

When I think right, the first problem in older versions of samba was to
inform a win95 client
that the driver files are in the share $PRINTER. Although this is the
name of the share on each
win95 box, a win95 doesn't look there by default. I think 1.9.18 will
resolve this problem.
The second problem is to find the right files to put in this share. The
raw solution is to copy the
hole windows\system directory to the share. The fine solution is to look
at Msprint.inf or
Msprint2.inf. But there is the problem: New printer drivers doesn't seem
to update Msprint.inf.
I have tested it with HPLaserJet 5L and HPDeskJet 690C.
But even if you now the files to copy, how does a win95 know  about
them? I have tested it between 2 win95
boxes, a win95 box can only install a printer via network which is
included in Msprint.inf.
Does a winNT box behave different as server to win95 client? Behaves
samba in this case like a
NT box? Is this the reason for a file printers.def on the samba box?
When Msprint.inf doesn't
have the informations of new drivers, how can I get the information to
configure printers.def?
mkprinterdef doesn't help in this case.

Bye Michael

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