Long file names with 16 bit apps, Samba and NT

Long file names with 16 bit apps, Samba and NT

Post by Harry Protooli » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I seem to have a very strange problem, when I run 16bit apps
under NT they cannot see any files on my Samba server (SunOS4)
that are more that 8.3 long.

This is a *real* pain, I have tried messing with config options
but to no avail. This is killing us here :-(, any hints would
be appreciated.



1. 16 bit apps under NT

In samba-1.9.08 the changelog contained the following Unresolved Problem

  WinNT has probelms running 16 bit apps if any part of the path needs
  mangling. We need some way to detect when a trans2 call is being made on
  behalf of a 16 bit app so we can return mangled names. Alternatively we
  need some way of getting NT to ask for info level 260, which has dual

In samba-1.9.10 this text has been removed but 16 bit apps on my NT machines still don't see any files that need name mangling.

Does anyone know the status on this problem? Has it been fixed?


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