netlogon batch file and policy with disable single-mode ms-dos appl.

netlogon batch file and policy with disable single-mode ms-dos appl.

Post by pabl » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:26:25

Dear NGers,

When you set the 'disable single-mode ms-dos application' in a windows
policy, can you still use a logon batch file then?


pablo k


1. Terminal Services (Appl.Mode) after upgrading

We've recently upgraded from Windows SBS 2000 to 2003 Premium. After solving
many problems, the only thing remaining is the usage of Terminal Server
services. In our old situation we had 5 TS accounts for mobile users (sales
employee) to use our stock application. On advice a Microsoft Reseller we
upgraded the 5 accounts to 2003 Per User CALs. But all we can do is use the
Terminal Server in administration mode, application mode is no option.

There is no way in teh setup to change the mode. Neither are we happy with
the new group policy editor which is less flexibel due to predefined

I want to activate the Terminal Server service in application mode and use
the old group policy editor. How to???


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