Automatic downloding of postscipt driver with WIN98

Automatic downloding of postscipt driver with WIN98

Post by Rémy CLAVERI » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:19:02


Can anyone tell me the version of the ADOBEPS4.DRV file used for
automatic download as described in th HOWTO. Because the one I use
causes a rundll32 error.

THanks in advance

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Examples in a couple of books show how to setup printer shares to
automatically install printer drivers on Windows clients if they are
missing.  We ahve followed these procedures and they work.  Our *BIG*
question is how to do this under a single [printers] share instead of
having to create a separate share area for each printer by name.  This
appears the case as there is a specific entry 'printer driver = QMS
Color...' that would be unique to each printer.

My first thought was to use %p in different share entries to point to
the proper location for printer files, but that 'printer driver = ...'
entry gets me.  We don't want clueless users seeing some 'Installing
Generic Printer driver' message as the being bombarding the helpdesk.

Any ideas?


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