Public share requiring a password

Public share requiring a password

Post by Albert Chin-A-You » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

On a Solaris 2.5.1 Samba server running 1.9.18p3, I have the following
           guest account = nobody
           comment = SC Structural Database
           browseable = yes
           public = yes
           guest only = yes
           path = /tmp/a


When I try to access the 'structdb' share, it prompts for a password.
How do I get around this?



1. microsoft.public.sms.admin,microsoft.public.sInfo required

 Our application is an Install utility that installs client components
through SMS Package Command Manager.  The requirement is to send status
information either after completion of installation or continuously while
installation is in progress.

 Platform SDK documentation suggests the use of InstallStatusMIF() function
from ismif32.dll. In our application we made a call to the
InstallStatusMIF() function just before the application quits to post status
information to a mif file.

I need answers for the following 3 questions

1) Even though the MIF file is getting generated towards the end of the
installation (and is probably used by gets deleted soon), the status
of the Installation is not visible in the SMS administrator. It is also not
created in the Database as part of any table. The understanding is that
Status information about the installatioin would be updated as part of the
inventory information for the machine.  Is there a problem with the method
used or will the status need to be viewed at a different place ?

2) Is there a means to send a regular status of the process being run by the
PCM (in cases when the process being run runs for a longer duration) ?

3) Is it possible to report such status as inventory information thro'
IDMIFS or NON-ID MIFS without the need for the client to re-logon forcing an
inventory update ?

 Server : Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft System Management Server V1.2,
  SQL Server 6.5
 Client : Windows 95, SMS Client components installed.

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