Why names change to lowercase while copying files from Win95 to Aix running samba samba-1.9.15p6

Why names change to lowercase while copying files from Win95 to Aix running samba samba-1.9.15p6

Post by Levent Ataso » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

File names change to lowercase when I copy files from Win95 to the UNIX locations
via samba-1.9.15p6 server running on aix. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a
configuration that I missed? Any help is appreciated.
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1. Samba (AIX -> win95) broken after changing AIX hostname

Hi all,
        I had installed samba and had it working on this AIX host, but
the initial install was with a standalone win95 machine on a domain
called "workgroup". Since then my client has install a NT server
changed the domain to "DOMAIN" and changed the host name on the AIX
box from RS6000 to RISKY.
        I have managed to get "RISKY" to show up in the network
neighborhood but whenever we try to show the shares we get an error
message "computername/share does not exist or is on a network you do
not have access to".
1       testparm reports no errors and the share shows up
2       I can ping both ways.
3       when I run smbclient -L RISKY -U% the shares are listed
4       when I run nmblookup -B RISKY _SAMBA_ I get SAMBA not found
BTW (we are starting nmbd, and smbd from a script file with just the
-D option)
5       when i run nmblookup -B RISKY '*'  I get the IP address of

Has anyone seen this or changed a hostname/domain name? MY guess is
that samba is right, but NT/windows is hosed somehow. maybe a wins
problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bill K

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