Accessing file properties on Samba share from win 98

Accessing file properties on Samba share from win 98

Post by fran » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 15:47:16

I've got a problem with a Win 98 client connected to a Samba server
with RedHat 9.0. The client is also connected to a Windows network
and to a Novell server, so it has Novell Client (latest release)
The problem is that I cannot retrieve file information for .exe
files (and all other files with resources) placed on Samba shares,
for example with right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer and
selecting Properties. The only tab I can see is the General tab
and not the other ones (Version, etc.). I think this is just
a symptom but it is a problem for example if I run a program which
tries to get file version information.
I tried to connect from a Win XP desktop and everything works
correctly, so I thought it's a Win 98 issue.
I also tried with another server and another win98 client and everything
Can anyone help me?

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I would like not to run nmbd on my linux box for security reasons.
If i disable it, I can still access shares from smbclient, but
Windows 98 will not access services even if I explicitly name then
i.e. \\server\service.  Is there a way to change this behavior?


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