A novice questions.

A novice questions.

Post by Ohad Davi » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi there.

I'd like to know more about SMB protocol, but I couldn't find much
documentation out there.

My question is What are the differences between NFS and SMB in matter of
performance, security and availability?

thanks in advance, Ohad.


1. novice questions SBS/Exchange and Outlook98


I'm fairly new to SBS (well actually I'm new to NT and Exchange. I
know it seems odd that someone could live without using MS products
for years :-)) )
I've managed to switch my entire LAN (server and clients) to SBS and
NT WS. So now I have a few questions and I hope that someone can point
me in the right direction:

We're using SBS/Exchange with Outlook98 clients. As a newsreader I'm
using a 3rd party product but I'd like to use Exchange as my News
Server and Outlook Express as my clients in order to read news
Is there a description somewhere of how to setup Exchange so it
retrieves News from one or more of the news servers in the internet,
(like automatically retrieve all new headers at night) and then have
the individual clients to retrieve only those messages they're
interested in? Both, headers and message bodies should be stored on
the Exchange server though.

Another question (which might sound dumm but as I said: I'm new in the
MS world):
How can I setup additional GLOBAL addressbooks in Exchange and
What I want to achieve is to store all external adresses like business
partners eMail partners etc. in a new addressbook which should be
accessible by all users in our LAN (all are using SBS/Exchange and
Outlook 98 clients)

Please don't respond RTMF. I have searched all the online docs but
couldn't find any reference to how to setup new global address books


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