Auction: ZX Spectrum 48k

Auction: ZX Spectrum 48k

Post by Graham Orm » Sat, 10 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a ZX Spectrum 48k complete with all its accessories in its
original pack, for sale by auction.

Included are about 12 games/utilities tapes (may not all work) and a
couple of blank 12 minute tapes. There are also two paperbacks;
Turbocharge your ZX Spectrum by John Lettice; and Introducing Spectrum
Machine Code by Ian Sinclair.

The power supply connector has been resoldered and covered with
insulating tape and there is a slight dent on the metal facia of the
computer. Other than that it is very good condition.

The auction is open until 7th June 1997. Please include about 3 pounds
for P&P in your offer.

All proceeds are going to our local hospice.

If anyone is intereted in making a speech synthesiser for their
Spectrum, I have 47 General Instrument alophone speech synthesis ICs for
sale too. The type number is SP0256-AL2. I guess GBP 5 each inc' p&p is
about right, or make me an offer for the whole lot.

Please remove the .antispam from my email address when replying.
Graham Orme
\o/  Holiday home in Brittany to let.


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