Where can i get my Spectrum fixed

Where can i get my Spectrum fixed

Post by Kenneth Antonse » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I`m an old Sinclair-fan who owns one 48K Spectrum and a Spectrum+ with some
extra equipment. My problem is that both machines crashed for many years ago
and I don`t know if there are any that can repair them.

Please, send me a telephone number to someone who can help me!!!


1. Anyone gotten MultiPak fix yet?

Has anyone actually SEEN the PAL or satellite board
needed to upgrade a MiltiPak (MPI) for Coco III?
I ordered the paL chip from National Parts 4 weeks
ago from my local Shack, but it still hasn't come
in, and the girl that answered the phone there today
seems to have lost my entry in their order book...

So, has anyone gotten their MPI back from Service
or received the part(s) to do it themselves?
Some of the Rainbow stalwart mailorder outfits
have been advertising the parts -- has anyone scored
on them yet?

Local Shacks told me "OS9 Level II in a week"!
So I want my MultiPak!  (Not that I believe the above...)

Mike J Knudsen    ...ihnp4!ihwpt!knudsen
"It's like trying to get to sleep at the Intergalactic
Spaceport Hotel -- waiting for the being in the room above
to drop the Nth shoe, and you don't even know what N is."

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