World Wide Ramsoft - August 24th site update.

World Wide Ramsoft - August 24th site update.

Post by Ramsoft sta » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hello everybody.

Ramsoft's site has been updated again.

MakeTZX v2.00 beta 6

The new beta 6 of MakeTZX is now available.
Here are some changes:

- NEW! Vu-meter and clip-o-meter for DIRECT MODE (Luca)
- NEW! Pressing 'p' will pause recording in DIRECT MODE (Luca)
- Enhanced spikes skipping (Stefano)
- Sync pulse detection enhanced again (Stefano)

CSW v0.93b

Several bug fixes for this little tool, the most relevant regarding
the calculation of the sample rate for the exploded VOC file.
Added vu-meter and clip-o-meter like in MakeTZX.

FunTop '98 democompo results

The unofficial results of FunTop '98, the democompo held in Moscow on
August 22nd, are now published. The only demo we got is available on
our DEMOS page in .TRD format.
We'd like to thank Mac Buster/Extreme for providing such items.

Who is Ramsoft?

A picture of the Ramsoft group components is now available. Check it

For any comments/questions/contributions don't hesitate to write us.

The Ramsoft staff.

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1. World Wide Ramsoft - August 17th site update: MakeTZX v2.0 (beta 4)

Hello everybody.

We'd like to tell you that Ramsoft's site has been updated.
Here you'll find the so long awaited MakeTZX v2.0 (beta 4) with new
and enhanced features:

- full 32-bit engine (runs on 486 or above)
- totally rewritten C++ engine
- direct SoundBlaster line-in sampling
- WAV and CSW support

More details on our site. You can download MakeTZX v2.0 (beta 4)
directly from

For any problem and/or comment, feel free to contact us.

Stefano Donati, member of Ramsoft - Italy.
World Wide Ramsoft WHQ:

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