'Please God, don't let me turn into...'

'Please God, don't let me turn into...'

Post by Paul Whit » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Having bought this months copy of Maxim magazine I was browsing through
and came across a survey that they had done. Maxim readers had been
asked to name the nightmare men they don't want to turn into, and our
Uncle Clive came in at number 32 out of a list of sixty. Below are a few
snippets from the list, and it is the January '98 edition for those who
are interested.

1) Peter Stringfellow
2) Jeremy Beadle
14) Gary Glitter
23) Sid Little (friend of Mel Croucher?)
24) Fred West
28) Andrew Lloyd Webber
32) Clive Sinclair
46) Rod Stewart
47) Lenny Bennet
48) Des O Conner
54) Victor Kaim


Paul White


1. Don't let Santa invoke Satan, keep Christ in your Xmas.

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