manic/Jsw/jswII cheats

manic/Jsw/jswII cheats

Post by LD Tonk » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

:        If you type in "TYPEWRITER" on the later versions of Manic Miner
:during game play you can then jump to any level by holding down keys 1 to
:6 in combination. On early versions you need to type in the phone number
:of the authors girlfriend - which escapes me at present, funnily enough!
:If nobody else writes in with it in due course, I can dig it out for you.
:Actually, I'm suprised that nobody else has written in already with the
:TYPEWRITER cheat already as it is pretty common knowledge.

6031769 in the Bug Byte version. Type WRITETYPER on the first landing of JSW to
get the same level-skip cheat using keys 1 to 9. If you merge the loaders of
Manic Miner and JSW you can enter the following pokes before the RANDOMIZE USR
command :

MM - POKE 35136,0 (infinite lives)
JSW - POKE 35899,0 (infinite lives)
      POKE 36477,1 (fall any height)
      POKE 59900,255 (fix attic bug)

And do you want to know what the REALLY sad thing is? I remembered those off the
top of my head, I didn't have to look them up..... *sigh*

If you want any MORE JSW pokes (and I have dozens), then drop me an email.

:>James (Under TIO *, due to a recent relationship failure.....)
:Better to have loved and lost, then never loved at all...(forgot who
:wrote that).

Better to have loved and lost then to listen to an album by Olivia Newton
John..... ;-)


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