Do you remember 'Dragonhold' or 'Dungeons 2' on the QL?

Do you remember 'Dragonhold' or 'Dungeons 2' on the QL?

Post by Salemon Combinareez » Mon, 26 Nov 2001 03:55:55

Unable to find these on the net, though I don't really know where I should
be looking (yes, yes - I do USE a Search engine). I'm sure Dragonhold was
released on disk only, due to it's size. I haven't actually downloaded a PC
based QL emulator yet, so if anyone could recommend a stable one that works
well with games.

Ah...I can still see 'Caverns'.

BTW - In case the name doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure one standout feature of
dragonhold was the fact that failure to find enough lit torches, would
result in the whole * are being thrown into total darkness. More than a
little disruptive to the overall game...the aim of which was to find an
amulet/elixir of life - I think?!?


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Just stumbled onto this whole Speccy Underground.  Haven't seen one in 15
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must be one of the birthdays but I cant work out how to enter it.  Also,
anyone got a cheat for Mugsy or Musgsy's Revenge to stop me getting shot by
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