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I've just noticed that my Speccy site has been listed on the front page of - whoooo!

                      T H E  S c r i b C A M !
Opening Shortly! Yes, finally get to see who you're killfiling!*
You can contact me on ICQ on that site if you want too.


1. OMG Model Driven Architecture (OMG MDA) Seminar Series II

The Object Management Group (OMG) will host its second series of FREE
nationwide, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Seminars
( Citites include, Seattle, WA, San Diego,
CA, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Washington,DC, Philadelphia, PA, and
Atlanta, GA.

At this free seminars, IT decision-makers from Managers to CIOs will
learn about the OMG MDA, a standards-based approach to integrating the
systems you have built, with what you are building, and with what you
will build in the future. Based on OMG's 12-year history, OMG
technologies including UML?, XML/XMI ? and CORBA?, and other solutions
such as Java, J2EE, .Net and Web Services, the Model Driven
Architecture allows delivery of applications on many different
platforms as deployment technologies continue to change. Since MDA
applications and services interoperate across platform boundaries, it
benefits any enterprise struggling to connect applications running on
multiple, incompatible middleware platforms.

Morning presentations will include "Model Driven Architecture: An
Introduction" by Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the OMG. "OMG
MDA: An Idea Whose Time Has Come" will address the size of the
existing market for business software and the need for the OMG's Model
Driven Architecture within that framework by Paul Harmon, Senior
Consultant Distributed Architecture, eBusiness Service for Cutter
Consortium. As well as, "MDA Reality and Implementation" a technical
overview of MDA and its implications for software development
presented by David Frankel, Chief Consulting Architect, IONA
Technologies.  For complete details of this event, go to

Registration is available on line at or by phone at

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