'Cheatahs Exploits' and 'Steel Yard Blues'

'Cheatahs Exploits' and 'Steel Yard Blues'

Post by David Andre » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I could get hold of copies of these two
excellent games?

SnapSearch comes up with 'steelyrd.z80' on ftp.enterprise.net - but
this site won't let me on.

Any help appreciated

David Andrews


1. ANN: Networked 'Chaos' project 'openchaos.org'

Hello all

Myself and Mr Gareth Jayne have commenced work on our project to bring a
networked version of Chaos to the world at large, now known as

At present you'll find a little bit of info about what we're up to and why,
and the opportunity to email us with questions, suggestions and offers of
help. Please stop by and help make this an absurdly fabulous game!

BTW we've been recognised by Julian Gollop as the first and only people to
have a go at this, which is nice...


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