Speccy 128K for amiga

Speccy 128K for amiga

Post by Lord Raid » Mon, 15 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Are there any news regarding development of a 128K Spectrum emulator for the Amiga ?

Any answers would be nice


1. 128k Speccy Emulator on the Amiga at last :)

Hiya CCS'ers,

Anyone in this list who has been going insane for a 128k Speccy emulator
for the Amiga,
Your worries are over for now :))

Well, this is very funny, I use Shapeshifter to emulate a Macintosh.
The speed of emulation is very fast, in fact in some cases it performs
operations faster than
a real mac itself :)) (Even though my boss doesn't beleive me :# )
Also, you can multitask the mac as a task on the Workbench screen, which
is very kewl :)).
Unfortunately, as I don't yet have a graphics card I have to limit the
amount of colours I use,
other wise its gets sloooow (AGA bottleneck -> roll on gfx cards).

Back to the speccy, I used Mac Spectacle and was able to load 128k Z80
snapshots :))
The emulation within emulation achived 102% speed on the Mac Speccy
Of course this was with speed limit on to 100%,
I wonder how fast it actually goes with no speed limit :)) ?
The AY sound is a bit klunky though, I don't know if that happens on a
real mac or just a side effect ?

Anyway, I'm chuffed until a *real* emulator comes out on the Amiga, or
maybe PPC Amiga ?

Have fun fellow miggys,

Andy Barker

Amiga A1200 Power Tower, Viper 030 - 42.6 Mhz, 50 Mhz FPU, 4 MB Fast
170 MB HD, SyQuest EZ135Mb Drive, External Drive, Power 2xCD-ROM Drive,

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