Oooh.. Nightshifts...

Oooh.. Nightshifts...

Post by Niall Trac » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Life stinks.

In my "holidays" I am forced to work.

My current employment? Security gaurd.

12 hour shifts; sometimes days, sometimes nights. It's bad enough
having to work nights, but when you can't get a regular sleeping

Never mind. It's cash.... But I'll probably have to give it up in a
week or two before I die of exhaustion.

Worst part - I have no time to sort out my computers (inc. Speccy) or
read newsgroups (inc. this one)!


(Whew! I got it on topic.)

Anyone else ever find themselves in a similar predicament?

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1. oooh oooh cool idea !

Just had a mini brainwave,...

Could I buy a Japanese PalmVx (that come with 4mb ROMs)
and flash an English version of the operating system
over it...

To give me more of that oh so handy space in flash memory.

I am presuming that the Japanese and UK prices are fairly
similar, the Japanese one may even turn out cheaper...

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