Not Wingate, WinProxy

Not Wingate, WinProxy

Post by Timote » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

If you want ease of use then Sygate is the winner (also more compatibility)
however if you want something configurable then WinGate is the answer.  I
personally go with WinGate because it allows me more administration and the
client computers only surf the web and do e-mail.  If the client computers
were more into ICQ and stuff then I would go with Sygate.

>For all those struggling with WinGate,
>go to
>and download winproxy.

>I got it working in 10 minutes!!!!
>It's not as complex or powerful as Wingate,
>but it WORKS!!!

>-Michael Roy


Not Wingate, WinProxy

Post by RoyBo » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

For all those struggling with WinGate,
go to
and download winproxy.

I got it working in 10 minutes!!!!
It's not as complex or powerful as Wingate,
but it WORKS!!!

-Michael Roy


1. problems w/ winproxy,wingate?

I don't know which group would be best for this questions, so...

I setup WinGate on my Windows NT 4.0 Server.  Although I got it to work
with little frustration, I started having a problem where my connection
would seem to go away.  If I waited the amount of time set in my
inactivity timeout, so the connection on the ISDN modem would drop, and
then try the connection again, it would work.

I had mail problems with getting mail to work with WinGate, so I
downloaded and tried WinProxy instead.  However, I still notice the
problem of the connection going away.  And, WinProxy seems only to dial
one channel of the ISDN (so I'm only getting 64K connects).

I'm guessing I have a problem with how my TCP/IP is configured.  And I'm
wondering if there is something I can do to make WinProxy dial on both
ISDN channels (BTW, when I select the connection via Dial-up Networking,
the very same one I tell WinProxy to use, I get a 128K connection).


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