Comcast Software

Comcast Software

Post by Bo » Tue, 05 Mar 2002 03:06:15

I loaded comcast's software on my computer and my daughter's(big
mistake)  I should have read this NG first.  Anyway we both are having
a great deal of problems. I didn't correlate my problems with the
software until my daughter called me and said she was having the same
problems.  I tried to fix my computer by re-installing windows 98 se.
That fixed my general computer problems, but I cannot get online with
that computer.  I am running a linksys router and having spent a great
deal of time with their tech support, it was determined that I have
lost the winsock on that machine.  Is there any way to fix this
problem without having to do a clean install of win 98?  Also I have
read in this group that people have removed all traces of the Comcast
software from their machine.  Just exactly how can we do that?  I
appreciate any help.

1. Comcast software

What do I need this for? I have already transitioned to the new network.
They have sent me my new e-mail username and password. Can't I just go into
Outlook Express, set up the new account myself and be done with it? What
does the Comcast software do exactly? Is it a customised web browser or
e-mail tool? I was leery of installing it with all the disclaimers about
'you agree not to sue us when we screw up your computer and/or sell your
personal information for profit' etc. Will I be denied internet connectivity
somehow if I don't install it?


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