Cable Modem Chat - Cable Modem Monopolies

Cable Modem Chat - Cable Modem Monopolies

Post by MFCrunch » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Last weeks chat was very successful!  At one point we had 39 chatters!  I am
we will enjoy such great attendance again during todays chat.
This chat acts as a quick forum for people with questions, comments, and
opinions on cable modems, cable service, and support can come to meet.  I
have decided to host a chat on Tuesday nights at 9:30 EST.  A couple of more
technically advanced people in newsgroups have been invited to this chat to
help answer questions.  Each chat has a topic, but of course this is
merely a guideline and anybody can talk about anything related to cable
modems.  I hope to have a nice sized group.  This chat is hosted on both
java and irc chat clients.

To connect to the chat on java:
Visit , follow the chat links, and once logged on
click on the
room cable_modems.

To connect to the chat on irc:
Send your IRC client to port 6667 and type /join

The topic for 7-27-99 will be:  Cable Modem Monopolies - The Good, the Bad,
& the Ugly
Please tell your friends and feel free to e-mail me with any questions or


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1. cable modem & monopoly game

Hi guys.  Any info on this problem would be really helpful.  I have
just aquired a cable modem and I am frequent player of monopoly
online. In the past with my dial up internet access I had no problem
hosting monop games and having others connect to my games. Now with
the cable modem (by the way I have a home network of 5 computers and
one of them acts as our internet server now with cable) anyway, I am
using one of the workstations and when I try to host a game no one is
able to connect to me. I am, however able to connect to someone elses
game. Is this a known problem and if so is there a fix for it? I do
know that If I make my computer the main internet server then I will
be able to host games. But I'd rather keep it the way it is.  

Thank you in advance for any help offered.


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