Comcast Web Based "Support" Problem --- Do Not Install Any Software from Comcast!!!!!!

Comcast Web Based "Support" Problem --- Do Not Install Any Software from Comcast!!!!!!

Post by Art Pres » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 03:20:42

I made the mistake of allowing Comcast to install their web based support
software on my PC and it created major problems. During a boot of Windows
98SE the items loaded into the system tray would stop loading and then the
system tray would be emptied. CONTROL/ALT/DELETE would show "Tgcmd (Not
responding)".    Tgcmd.* are the Comcast support files installed into the
Program Files/ folder. Removing Comcast Support using Windows
ADD/REMOVE seemed to work but left 58 errors in the Registry that
fortunately Norton WinDoctor was able to fix. I wasted an hour solving this

The bottom line: Do Not Install Any Software from Comcast!!!!!!
:<(( Art

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1. Comcast "Rust" or Comcast "Tarnish" service?

Which Comcast service do I have?  Comcast Rust or Comcast Tarnish?

My service is increasingly "flaky", my email is very unreliable, my
usenet service, provided by Giganews, is always stalling on me, and
worse.  So which one am I being provided with? Why does my cable modem
sometimes seem lock up?  The indicator lights remain fine, but my
streaming media dies like clockwork for a few seconds, and if I run a
netstat, it indicates that my connection is lost for a few seconds on a
very regular and consistent basis.  So, is this Comcast "Rust" service,
or is it Comcast "Tarnish" service?

And if I wish reliable, consistent email, will I need to subscribe to
Comcast "Diamond" or to Comcast "Platinum" service, at maybe

And Usenet?  If I wish the same level of service and reliability I used
to get with my 20 buck/month dialup service, will I NEED  to subscribe
to Comcast "Uranium" or to Comcast "Plutonium" service, at maybe

If I need a streaming media connection which doesn't disconnect me at
the headend router like clockwork, is that Comcast "Neptune" or Comcast
"Pluto" service, at maybe $800~$1,000/month?

And when it comes to "tech support", if I really need, or even desire
someone who can actually discuss any technical issue with fluency and
knowlege, is it Comcast "Alpha-Centauri" or is it Comcast "Andromeda"
service, and I'm quite certain that it's the package which goes for
perhaps $5,000~$10,000/month, isn't it?  

Sheesh!  I think it's time to go back to my RELIABLE, always DEPENDABLE,
CONSISTENT, and INEXPENSIVE dialup account which was only setting me
back my $20.00/month!

This Comcast "thing" is a flippin joke!

Valentn Guilln
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