Cable modem Firmware

Cable modem Firmware

Post by davexne » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:51:22

Hello all,
I have the 3com "tailfin" part # 3cr29220.
Recently, (past 3 weeks) I have developed am intermittent
connectivity problem, and I think it is due to some changes
in the network.

My firmware is 117, while 122 is the newest.
I have read up on the FW changes, and I think there may
be a fix in there that addresses my issue.

However, Comcast do not seem interested in updating the
firmware for me.  I have sent email (unanswered),
online chat and even a tech at the house - but I can't get a
straight answer, I get the feeling they were putting me off for some

Any thoughts on this?

Somewhere in Comcasts "rules and conditions" is a
paragraph  that says (paraphrased from memory)
"Comcast may, at it's discretion remotely update modem firmware,
but they are not under any obligation to do so."

I'm asking for an update because I think it will fix my problem.
Why would they fob me off?