Anyone tried to use slackware w/ cablemodem?

Anyone tried to use slackware w/ cablemodem?

Post by Dave » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

  Slackware with Linux 2.2.6 kernel is installed, but configuration help
is desperately needed.

  Linux experience = 0

  For a starting point, here's my intention.  I want to build an old
486, 4meg ram,340meg hdd into a linux firewall/proxy server.

  What I did...  I've downloaded the latest version of slackware with
the 2.2.6 kernel, the 4meg ram patch and fireplug firewall software.  I
unzipped slackware and the patch and moved it to the hdd of the 486,
then using the script included with slackware, installed it on the

  Where I'm stuck...  After installing linux, I get a login prompt, but
everything I try to do(besides -r shutdown) asks for a password, and I
never set one so it won't allow me to do anything.

  Also, the readme that comes with the download says 'all you need to do
is unzip it and install it with this script', but, checking later on the
website it says you need to install this partition, and that partition.
Then it says 'have fun'.  Yeah, I'm having fun alright...

  God, I hate learning new os's with no documentation...

  As an aside, I downloaded redhat 6.0, but the 'howto' files with that
says it needs 1.6 gig for install.  Does anyone know how to crunch down
what I need onto a 340 meg hdd?

  Thanks for any help,