Anyone have experience with Mac software?

Anyone have experience with Mac software?

Post by Darr » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> TCI is talking about have cable modems available in the next month or so.
> What I could really use some help with is software for an all Mac set up.
> From what reading I have done the choice seems to be between Vicom
> Internet Gateway and IPNetRouter. Does anyone have any stories to share
> about using either of these programs in conjunction with a cable modem
> setup? I would greatly appreciate any help you can share. Or is there by
> chance a FAQ that I could check out somewhere?

I've used both of them and can heartily recommend IPNetRouter. It's cheap,
it works great on even an old 6100 as a router and it's fast.

If you follow his detailed instructions at his website
<> it is absolutely no problem to configure for
simple cable modem sharing.

It doesn't have (as of yet) inbound mapping and DHCP addressing for the
satellite clients, but those have been promised for subsequant releases.

VIG is an overpriced beast. It does the job alright, but IPNetRouter is
fast and elegant and cheap.



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