Turning OFF Proxy in IE and @home browsers

Turning OFF Proxy in IE and @home browsers

Post by DTJD » Fri, 07 Jul 2000 04:00:00

follows is a post by Jim Pickering and then a followup by me

may help.

software, click Start/Run and type the following exactly as written.

regsvr32 /u ahiehelp.dll

Please note the space between 32 and the forward slash.  To those who are
unaware of what this command does, it will uninstall a dll (dynamic link

rides any attempt to remove the automatic configuration of a proxy.

If you're running the new version, I have no idea if the same dll is used

like customized versions of anything and I particularly don't want someone
customizing my browser or my mail program.  You may have a different view.

I have the latest 2.0 and confirmed this does allow you to disable the proxy

I am happy with the results of doing this so far.
Just thought some of you might like to know,,,,,:o)))


1. @Home Proxy settings -- can you turn them off?

I was on the line with a tech support person at Home.com and in the course
of troubleshooting a connection issue he told me to clear the checkboxes on
the "Automatic Configuration" dialog box so that the proxy settings
("http://proxy:8080") were not used. I understand that this will bypass the
proxy server and let you connect directly to the internet. I would like to
do this because every time I click on a link there is a 1 to 2 second delay
and the status bar says, "Checking proxy settings."

The problem is that I have tried to clear the "Use automatic configuration
script" check box, but the check reappears every time. Is there a way to
clear this setting and keep it cleared?


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