Intel AnyPoint - Home Network - Parallel Port

Intel AnyPoint - Home Network - Parallel Port

Post by John Nava » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

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1. Intel Anypoint home network and Windows 2000

Hi all.  I purchased an Intel Anypoint home network system (the 10Mbps USB
phoneline model) and I'm trying to set it up with 2 Windows 2000 Pro machines.
Intel doesn't support Windows 2000, but they do supply drivers which will be
supported later this year.

I have been able to get the drivers installed and both network adapters are
being recognized by their respective machines.  I have TCP/IP and NWLink
protocols set up properly, as far as I can tell.  There is definitely a
connection, because if I turn off or unplug one machine, the other one
indicates that the network has been disconnected.  However, they cannot
communicate with each other.  If I look at the status display, the machines
each keep sending packets, but none are received on the other end.  If I try
to search for computers under My Network places, the other machine cannot be

Has anyone had any luck installing these adapters under Windows 2000?  If not,
are there any experienced network gurus who might be able to help me out?
Truth be told, I've never set up a network before, but I've followed all the
online documentation and peer-to-peer seems pretty simple, I've followed all
the troubleshooting and so far nothing has helped.  Any help would be greatly

Blake Eiseman


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