Fireproofing OSP cable

Fireproofing OSP cable

Post by Russ » Mon, 21 Jul 2003 02:27:47

I'd like to be able to run outside-premises networking cable (OSP Cat5e
4-pair) into a building. An empty 1-1/4 inch plastic conduit already runs
from the entry point to the wiring closet, however it is about 80 feet long.
Since this exceeds the 50-foot maximum for running the OSP cable indoors,
can anyone tell me:

1) Is there a way to fireproof the existing plastic conduit? Maybe some type
of flexible metal lining that could be pulled through? There are probably
three 90-degree bends, but the pipe is currently empty except for a pull

2) Or is there an underground-rated cat5e cable that is also rated for
indoor use? (The underground portion would also be in about 90 feet of
plastic conduit.)

Thanks for any ideas.


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Ok. I've read through the standard several times now, and still can't
figure out what to do with the labeling of my OSP phone cable (would
apply to fiber too in the near future). I understand if I were running
a backbone cable from one building to the next, but I've got a large
count (1800pr) sheath that drop a couple hundered pairs here and there
to buildings as it passes. How do I label this and be standards
compliant? Is the manhole (where the splices are) considered the TS,
and as such is the end of the first backbone, and then the beginning
of each of the legs? Any suggestions would be helpful. Side note, this
is my first dealings with OSP cable of any kind, so I"m a novice with

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