RCA WMJ 900 wireless high speed modem

RCA WMJ 900 wireless high speed modem

Post by slowbmell » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 06:45:10

Hi - Does anyone have any experience or know about this unit?

Many thanx for your help.


1. Aironet Wireless Communications Announces New 4 Mbps High Speed 2.4 GHz Wireless Bridge

Thought this would be of interest to the group.

Aironet Wireless Communications, Inc. (http://www.aironet.com), a leading
provider of wireless local area network (LAN) products, announced the
addition of a new 4 Mbps high speed Ethernet wireless bridge.

The 4 Mbps High Speed Wireless Bridge (BR2040-EE) extends Aironet1s series
of 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) bridges.  The bridge can
connect Ethernet networks at a data speed of 4 Mbps up to six miles apart
using a Parabolic Grid antenna in line-of-sight applications.  The bridge
also provides the added flexibility to operate at data speeds of 2 Mbps
and 1 Mbps with respective maximum ranges of eight and ten miles.  Range
flexibility is provided through choice of Omni, Yagi and Parabolic Grid

Those interested in obtaining more information on this product please
contact Todd Smith, Director, Product Marketing, Aironet Wireless

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