Another Exciting Day in Paradise.

Another Exciting Day in Paradise.

Post by John Lundgre » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Well, the construction contractors demolished a wall to make a bigger
room, and it had a dozen cat5's in it to feed the workstations.  The
guys just cut the cables off, left them dangling.  Nice.  

Now we gotta get the cabling contractor guys go patch up the mess they
made.  I guess they may put a 110 block at the cut and extend the cat5s

Other assorted nightmares too trivial to mention.  Oh yeah, one other
thing.  We talked to our Anixter rep. about getting the 700 patch cords
replaced.  They are all Lucent systemax certified cables, each labeled
and supposed to be 2 feet long.  But we've been measuring them and they
may vary from 30 to 35 inches.  We only found one out of about a dozen
that came close to 2 feet.

When you have a hub cabinet that only has room for a 48 port patch panel
and two hubs, it's important that the cables are short, or else the
smoked glass door on the front just won't close.  And it becomes a big
wadded-up mass of cables inside.  If we're lucky, she might get us
certified cables that are 18 inches instead.

Well, how's your day??

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Another Exciting Day in Paradise.

Post by Bob Retel » Thu, 25 Jun 1998 04:00:00

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 08:48:53 -0700, John Lundgren

>Well, how's your day??

Heh...   I'm in the middle of wiring a 96 port patch panel for the
"Advantage" division in Computer Room 5 when I get a call that
someone's floppy disk drive is dead (I also support the PCs in our
buildings along with doing the cabling and tech support(.

Turns out the guy wants to zip Netscape Communicator for the girl in
the next office instead of downloading it again.  The file is over
18Megabytes, and it will probably take twice as long to zip onto
floppies than it would to just download it over the T1 directly from
Netscape, to say nothing about the time it's going to take for me to
replace his floppy drive first.

Their PCs are on the same LAN, but he doesn't know how to share their
drives.  So I start a fresh copy of Communicator downloading onto my
D: drive and set it up to be shared.

Halfway up the stairs to show him how to connect to my shared drive
and get the file fast, I run into the manager of Network Engineering
who's frantic because the new installation in Puerto Rico today has
run into a snag.  Everywhere else in the world connects the AS/400s
with UTP, but Puerto Rico uses thinnet and they sent the wrong kind of

I finally convince him that the RG59 I ordered for him to do ATM won't
work for ethernet (well, actually it probably would, but I don't tell
him that), and tell him not to worry, I'll make up a thinnet cable
with BNC connectors on it.

When I ask how long the cable should be I get a blank look.  He
doesn't know.   Just make a cable...  half a meter, 10 feet, whatever.

Then the guy with the dead floppy drive says "Oh by the way, we forgot
to tell you, we're moving a bunch of people around on Friday, and
they'll all need different network connections."   Oh.. and he won't
be in on Friday, and oh, he doesn't know yet who is going into what
office because he's waiting for the "big boss." who's on vacation this
week to call in and let him know what he's decided.  Oh...  

Meanwhile the hub on that segment is almost full and I've been telling
them that for the last few months.

Back down to Computer Room 5, the Hardware Coordinator for the "Claims
Solutions Group" notices that I'm finished putting nearly 100 cables
under the raised floor and there's still some cable left on the carts.
He tells me he needs 24 lines run in his area, like yesterday.

No problem, I just need to finish the 96 port patch panel, THEN punch
on 96 jacks at the other ends of the wires.  I figure I'll get to him
some time around October.

It sure is nice to have a slow day for a change!



Another Exciting Day in Paradise.

Post by cambro » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

have a Nice DAY



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1. Another Rough Day in Paradise

Well, it's been a rough day.  I guess I shouldn't say that, because it
seems like every day's a rough one in the summertime.  Just too many
things happening.

Like it's remodeling time.  Whatever changes in construction or remodel
that were held off during classtime are now going on during summer
So generally, all hell breaks loose when things start to change.  Walls
start disappearing and popping up overnight.

Gee, I pulled off the cover of a soda straw, and stuck it into the top
of the drink, and the silly paper cup has on it.  I like
their samwiches but I can't see what would be interesting on their web

We gotta wrap up the big project by the end of the month, which is the
end of the fiscal year.  All the bills have to be charged to this year's
budget.  So there's a lot of pressure to get things done.

Last week we brought up a PBX, a small system with 20 lines, at our new
site.  Everything was uneventful, which was the way it's supposed to
be.  The data wiring was installed with the voice, so it's done, but we
will still have to install the hubs, router and patch cords, and get the
T-1 working to the main campus.  Gee, the nice thing about data jacks is
that it doesn't make any diff what port on the hub it's plugged into, it
works.  With the voice, if you don't get it right, someone is getting
someone else's calls.  So what are they complaining about - they got a
working phone. :-P

I gotta work with Pac Hell tomorrow to get service restored to our
baseball dugout.  Yeah, baseball dugout.  It (used to have) a POTS line
running to it from across the street.  But when the underground conduits
got crushed, it went out.  So we got the splicing crew to get us service
back under the street, and we were looking for the other end of the
dugout's phone line, but I couldn't trace it.  I finally got one of the
guys on the crew to show me where the other end was.  They spliced a new
50 pair cable and terminated 25 pair, leaving the other 25 rolled up in
a wad next to the block.  Well, the dugout line was in the wad of wires
that hadn't been punched down.  DUH, no wonder I couldn't find them.

Like I said, it's been a rough day.

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