High Activity with Comcast DSL and Linksys wireless router

High Activity with Comcast DSL and Linksys wireless router

Post by g.. » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 22:20:27

I've seen postings for 'constant' activity between the Surfboard modem
and routers, and that they are nothing to worry about.  But once in
awhile, my router's activity will get to the point where it's almost a
continous light, and I can't get to the internet.  When this happens,
the activity light on the Surfboard is equally high.

Anyone else seen the same thing?


1. Problems with Cisco VPN Client on Comcast High Speed Behind a Linksys Cable/DSL Router

I'm having a strange problem with a particular user of Comcast High
Speed Internet service. They are running Win2K Professional, behind a
Linksys BEFSR41 v3 router/gateway, and Cisco VPN client 3.6.4. This
user is able to sucessfully connect to the VPN, but cannot go anywhere
after that. They are receiving the correct DNS server addresses and
are obtaining an IP address, but for whatever reason, are not able to
ping or connect to the internal network. I too have Comcast, but in a
different part of the Denver Metro area. I took her PC home, logged in
with her exact profile, and connected to the VPN fine. I was able to
access email, and all the other services associated with an internal

Any ideas? Getting Comcast to admit to any problems on their end is
near impossible.


Scott Richardson
COPIC Companies
Denver, CO

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