More Questions on the "MTU" setting.

More Questions on the "MTU" setting.

Post by Cory R. Ki » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I've read Phillips excellent FAQ on the registry settings
(, and I know what to

My perdiciment is a little different, see, my Win98 box is masqeraded
through a linux box.

Would this make a difference to tweak this setting on the 98 box in my

I belive I can do something simmaler /w tweaking the MTU settings on
the linux box, would this increase the speed on the 98 box as well?

So sum it up:  Should I tweak:

a) only the internal Win98 box

b) only the Linux box "router"

c) both (but to the same settings)

d) none of the above, Cory my pal, your screwed.

e) who knows, try it and tell this group what happens


Cory "Wired in Seattle" King
<coryking> at <azalea> dot <com>

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