Adelphia Power link Cable modem service and Linux?

Adelphia Power link Cable modem service and Linux?

Post by C. Meht » Mon, 27 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Anyone know if htye have a policy against having a linux ip masquerading box?



1. Using other cable modems with Adelphia Power Link?

I just got my Adelphia Power Link and it's pretty good. The downside,
it's using a General Instruments SB1000 internal ISA (read: 16 bit!)
card.  Supposedly the SB1200 is an extrenal hybrid cable modem that
hooks to a NIC.

These cannot be found! I've called all over, and nobody carries them.

My question: can another brand of hybrid cable modem (cable/phone
line) work with my ISP? I know the frequency and all the dialup and
DNS info.

thanks for any input,


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