Linksys Router (BEFSR11)

Linksys Router (BEFSR11)

Post by Bob M » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:49:46

Mine died last night after 2 years of great service. All three of the
LAN-side LEDs were on, even with no LAN cable plugged in. When the unit got
warm, all three LEDs blinked on and off together. The WAN (cable modem) side
worked just fine. Resetting the unit did not cure it. The Linksys technician
I spoke with assured me that all of the LAN-side LEDs should be on. Don't
buy it. With nothing plugged in, they should all be OFF. So now I have a
dead BEFSR11 but the power pack is just fine. I should sell it on eBay.

So, if you see more LEDs turned on, or flashing, than what you'd consider to
be "normal", chances are very good that the unit is toast, and about all you
can do is buy something to replace it.

I went to Circuit City and bought a new BEFSR41 for $59.99 plus tax. There
is a $10 rebate from Linksys as well as a $20 rebate from Circuit City, so
the end cost was $29.99 plus tax on the original price. Hard to beat. I
couldn't have sent my BEFSR11 back for repair for twice that price. An
adverti*t in the weekend paper mentioned the price as $49.99 after both
rebates. I had to stare at the box for quite some time before I was
convinced it really was the 4-port unit I was looking for. My store had
plenty of them on the shelf. Of course, the rebates are "limit 1 per
customer", but at that price, it's worth having one around as a spare

Just thought I'd pass it along.
Bob M.


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documentation, it says to use port forwarding to send port 80 requests
to a certain ip on the local network. However, it says that I must
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know if other people are using their BEFSR11 routers to have a
webserver withing the local intranet, that serves webpages for the
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