Comcast@Home Questions

Comcast@Home Questions

Post by Tony L » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

> I'm considering ordering cable modem service.  I was hoping someone
> could answer a few questions about it for me.

> 1. Can I log onto the newserver for Erols Internet and download at

> Erols)

It would seem unlikely that Erols would want to provide you with news
service for free.

Quote:> 2. Should I spend $20 extra for a PCI NIC card?


Quote:> 3.  What software changes will them make?  Should I backup 1st?  Do I
> need to have my Windows98 CDROM available?  

plug-ins.  Yes, yes.

Quote:> 4. If I get a new computer, do they need to come back or can I remove
> the NIC card and reinstall the software?  (do they give you the disks
> or CDROM?)

You can do it yourself.  The software is also downloadable.  



Comcast@Home Questions

Post by Tony L » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

> > I currently have an account with Erols.  Can I use a program like
> > Agent to log onto there newserver with my erols id and password and
> > download at cable modem speeds?

> Depends whether or not Erols allows NNTP connections from outside
> their domain.  At first guess, I'd say no.  But your best bet is to
> ask Erols personnel, not us.

And if you can, don't expect that their external connectivity is going to
give you as much bandwidth as you might want.  

In other words: just because you've upgraded your link to a cable modem,
remember that the remainder of the Internet is not suddenly going to keep
up with you.  Sure, things are faster, but you're now in a position to
notice slow servers and congested links, where you couldn't before thanks
to your modem.