conductive load bar

conductive load bar

Post by Bo » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 06:19:42

I bought some modular RJ45 CAT6 plugs with a
"conductive load bar".  This seems to be
a piece of plastic with holes to align
the conductors as I insert them into the plug.

I assume the conductive load bar is a labor saving
gizmo that also helps keep the pairs twisted
until the last 1/4".

Is there more to it than that?


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am skimming throu the Cricket book DNS And Bind, 3rd ed,
for the ABCs of the sys.  What's the difference between
the notation and [notice the ending dot
"." character]. I saw them used in some examples of nslookup
etc. I understand sometimes the dot char is used to denote
the ROOT DNS name servers, as in Unix filesys's leading "/".
But does it make any difference to say
    nslookup a.b.c // and
    nslookup a.b.c.


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