Having Telco Check Phone Line for Noise

Having Telco Check Phone Line for Noise

Post by Charlie Byrn » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Howdy MediaOne-ers,

I may have found one of my problems with my GI external SurfBoard1200
connectivity (or lack thereof). This morning I gave up on using the SB1200
and plugged my old dial up modem back in, and when the speaker came on -
gawk - all kinds of horrible line noise sounds.

I plugged it into my other (normal voice) line and it was clear as a bell.

So I think I am going to get Bell South out here and see what is the deal.
Anyone know what $$$ this will run me, and any other advice?

Is there some kind of particular noise level I should be hoping for?

Bell South installed these lines (inside the house) in 10/97.