HP Vectra upgrade

HP Vectra upgrade

Post by Marcey Da » Sun, 05 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have an old 486/66XM into which I recently put 4 new 16 MB SIMMs.
There are 2 partitions on the disk, WIN95 and NextStep.  NextStep is
completely useless, panicing when I boot with 64MB.  If I boot with
48MB, its fine.  WIN95 works with any amount, but I suspect it isn't
seeing all 64MB. I upgraded the BIOS to the most recent release some
time ago.  This smacks of a setup problem, but I can't figure it out.  I
have individually tested all the SIMMs, and they seem to work fine.

Anyone have any similar experiences/thoughts.


Mark Jackson


1. HP Vectra Upgrade problem

I've just purchased an 2nd hand PC from my office. A HP Vectra VliSF
P3 500 with a 8.4Gb HD and 64Mb RAM and a KZM-6120 motherboard which
was working fine. I decided to upgrade the HD and memory and since
then things have gone from bad to worse.

Initially I upgraded the memory to 256mb and everthing appearred to be
fine. I then changed the orginal Maxtor HD to a Seagate ST320212A with
10Gb. I then read that the bios had to be updated to read anything
over 8Gb.

Unfortunately the floppy now appears to have stopped working. The
summary screen indicates that it has been set up and it is supposed to
be first in the boot order but nothing. I opened the PC up and changed
data cables. Still nothing so I changed floppy drives and received an
error message 'Operating system not found.'

In the setup, even though it had been set to auto, the Primary HD
indicated that the size of the HD is 0Mb. I the manually set it to
16383cyl, 16hd, 63 sectors. The LBA read 20005680. I then saved and
exited. On reboot it still would read from the floppy and the same
'Operating system not found' message came up. In the setup, the
Primary IDE had changed to 17475cyl, 15hd, 63 sectors. The LBA had
also changed. I then changed it back to no available. I then cleared
the CMOS and was able to get into Windows ME after an agonising 10
minute wait. All the setting had changed,the video resolution was not
640x800 and could not be changed. Even though the floppy was showing
in "My computer" it still would'nt work and the CD-Rom was not

I went back in the setup and chnaged the secondary master to CD first
and then Auto but is still say [None] as soon as you come out of the
advance screen. On several retries the primary has changed from Max
Capacity of 0Mb to 1653Mb. to the correct 10Gb but with the 17475cyl,
15hd, 63 sectors. During all this the floppy and CD has never work
even though I have changed both and put the original HD back in i.e
restored the PC to it's original state.

I have also reseated the Memory and changed the battery. All to no
avail. The very latest is the mouse and HD initialise, the Windows ME
screen appears for 10 minutes, I then get a black screen and a
flashing cursor for 15 minutes and then blue screen  with an Exception
OE error refferring to VNetBios(01)+ 00000B8d and VMM(OC)+ 0000058B.
And a 2nd error message "an i/o subsystem driver failed to load.
Either the .\iosubsystem subdirectory is corrupt or the system is low
on memory. System is halted."

Clearly there is a problem here. PLEASE HELP! or this box is going out
the windows.

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